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Magentic Earbuds

SkunkJuice Earbuds

"The SkunkJuice earbuds spread a potent mix of good audio quality similar to a skunk, but without the funky smell."

Easily Share Music

Get Hooked Up!

"Easily connect to your friends in a snap; fancy magnets ensure a strong hold while still maintaning potent audio quality from earbuds to earbuds."

Magnetomorphic Earbuds

Save Your Computer

"The only earbuds that magnetically connect! SkunkJuice's magnetic functionality comes in handy when using a computer in an airplane, coffee shop, library, home, office, etc... and you completely forget that you're connected to it and walk away."

Snap Off Earbuds

Disconnect in a Snap!

"What makes SkunkJuice the BEST earbuds out on the market is that SkunkJuice earbuds disconnect in a snap when you become hastily separated with a friend while listening together."

Earbuds for iPod, iPhone, Audio Devices

Whatcha Listening to?

"If you are curious about what your friends are listening to, you can simply sneak a listen, or force your friend to listen to your music. Share music with friends!"