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iPhone Life Magazine Review

CES innovations and trends: Headphones

David Averbach

Skunk juice has designed a unique magnetic system that allows users to easily connect up to 4 headphones to the same device without losing sound quality. This is a great solution for people who want to listen together music or audiobooks together. Skunk Juice sells two connecting headphones for $29. The sound quality is surprisingly good for such a low price.

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Yahoo News Review

SkunkJuice Brand Earbuds to Appear in Live Dr. Gadgeta Segment of EXTRA, on Feb 10, 2011

YAHOO NEWS -- Anna Ferguson

Launched at Las Vegas CES Show in January 2011, Innovative, Patented Earbuds Have Won over Mass Media including EXTRA, hosted by Mario Lopez -- Los Angeles, CA - February 7, 2011 Humble Fish Inc. is pleased to announce that their new, hit product, Skunk Juice brand earbuds...

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Disciplined Monkey Studios Review

Time To Get Your Skunk On - Skunk Juice Earbuds Review

Disciplined Monkey Studios

I found a pleasant surprise while at CES this year in the form of Skunk Juice. Skunk Juice makes some incredibly unique ear buds and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try these pungent ear buds. They were demonstrating them on the floor. Curre...

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Wired Review

Headphones with Breakaway Magnetic Cord and Terrible Name

Charlie Sorrel

Skunk Juice. It's a name that makes me nauseous just to write, and embarrassed to say out loud. But the earbuds that the company makes are actually pretty neat. They work a lot like the mag-safe connector on a MacBook, only with two sections. Plu....

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TrustedNerd.com Review

Review: Skunk Juice Earbuds

Jonathan Yaniv

SkunkJuice was one of my favourite booths at CES, I just had to visit them every day during the show. Heck, they hired hot models! Anyways, about the product. You might have seen Simon Yi's press conference regarding the unveiling of Skunk Juice Earbuds. What Skunk....

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Engadget Review

Skunk Juice earbuds and their magnetic connectors might just save your ear drums (video)

Tim Stevens

You know when you're rocking out, earbuds nestled in your canals just so, and then the cord catches on something and it feels like your brain is getting sucked out through your ear holes? That very situation could be avoided if only you were wearing Skunk...

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Maximum PC Review

Skunk Juice Earbuds: Terrible Name, Terrific Idea

Maximum PC - All Articles

There's nothing at all that sounds appealing about "skunk juice," unless you're talking about Humble Fish's new Skunk Juice brand earbuds.

Funky name aside, these earbuds sport a patented magnetic connection technology that makes it easy to share...

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ChipChick Review

SkunkJuice Earbuds Lets Your Friends Share the Music Love - Magnetically

Ali Heriyanto in CES 2011

SkunkJuice might seem like an odd name for a pair of earbuds. But this unique gadget will be launching at CES next week and will turn sharing your music with friends into a whole new experience. SkunkJuice earbuds and headphones utilize magnetic connectio...

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PCWorld Review

Magnets in Skunk Juice headphones protect your player

Albert Filice (PC World (US online))

Ever have your headphones on and then got them caught on something while moving, causing them to rip out of your ears? It looks like Skunk Juice earbuds are a solution to this problem. They use the same basic concept that MacBook chargers use, a magnetic...

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HotHardware Review

Skunk Juice Earbuds Have Magnetic, Breakaway Cabling


The question just has to be asked: "Why didn't I think of that?!" Magnetic connectors have been around for years. They solve a common problem, in that they'll break apart if too much tension is applied. Apple has a patented version on their notebooks, a technology dubbed MagSafe, that is easily our favorite AC adapter technologies amongst all notebooks today. So what if a similar technology were applied to earbuds and headphones?

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