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Engadget Review

January 03, 2011 at 5:04pm

Engadget Review of Skunk Juice EarbudsYou know when you're rocking out, earbuds nestled in your canals just so, and then the cord catches on something and it feels like your brain is getting sucked out through your ear holes? That very situation could be avoided if only you were wearing Skunk Juice earbuds.

They feature a magnetic ZZYZX SnapJack connectors, not unlike those found in Belkin's BreakFree guitar cable, providing a failure point somewhere south of your fragile head internals.

Additionally, you can pop your magnetic terminator onto the end of any other pair of Skunk Juice 'buds and listen in on what the other person is grooving out to, a situation charmingly demonstrated in the video below.

We're a little doubtful that these will ever be common enough for that particular halcyon vision of the future to come to pass, but right here in the present we're quite sure that's a strong contender for worst product name of the year -- already.

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